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You are the first in your lineage to create and pave a new path forward for generations after you!

You have a clear vision the life, relationship and business you desire are so ready to breakthrough patterns that are no longer serving you and bring your vision to fruition!

You're tired of playing small, giving yourself the bare minimum and are ready to step into your true power and purpose!


You're ready to play the 'long game' in business, calibrate to higher frequencies and step into the identity of the powerful woman and businesswoman you are born to be!

You know that your life has deep meaning and purpose - you are here for a reason and now is your time to shine and give yourself access to more!

You've done the surface level affirmation and mindset work and frankly, it just isn't cutting it for you - you are not seeing the results you would like to in your life, love and business and are seeking something deeper - soul alignment!

You know you are meant for more life, love, abundance, wealth, success and you are so ready to step into your magnetism and align with the live, love, business and wealth you are here for!

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I have helped my clients...

Establish and grow successful online businesses in the online service-based industry

Taken their business from $0 to $10K months in less than 3 months!

Move from $0-$5k cash days!
Meet and marry their soulmates!

Manifest consistent client flow in their business!

Manifest clients weekly within the first 3 weeks of working with me!

Manifest their dream homes!

Have babies after years of infertility, treatments and miscarriages!

Heal deep wounds and trauma from their childhood!

Heal from years of anxiety and chronic stress!

Travel and spend more quality time with their partner/husband!

Transform their marriage after infidelity and dysfunction in the relationship!

Leave unloving relationships and finding their person!

Leave corporate jobs to pursue purpose driven work!

Healed from chronic health conditions after years of treatment!

Started their own singing band!

Being invited to speak on podcasts and events!

Host Masterclasses and sold-out group programs! 

Be invited to host at world-renowned conferences!

Manifested dream careers at top companies such as the World Bank!

My clients are winning in the game - they are making more money in their biz than they ever have, creating generational wealth, stepping into deep love and intimacy with their partners, being the best partners, wives and mothers, experiencing great shifts in their health and truly embodying their life of abundance!
...and that's just some of the results!

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“I want to especially thank Reina for her awesome hosting and her High Impact Leadership Workshops which helped me connect to my inner truth, unlock personal healing and write my authentic story of becoming me. I walked away from this week with so much clarity on how to show up in my business and how to self-care my way to success!”
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“Working with Reina as a coach has taken me from a dark place, where I didn't know who I was and left lost and very unhappy - to quite literally freedom! I now have a successful business which I'm excited to get up for every day. I'm helping women to feel free and get the jobs they truly deserve, just like I have and it gives me such pride and gratitude to do this work. It is truly an honour. And a vast amount of that is down to working with Reina and completing her programme.”
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“I literally had breakthrough after breakthrough during our journey together. Working on finding my inner guidance led me to find my Voice. Working on the inner fears that were holding me back from the life I deserved led me to have the confidence to use my Voice. And the work we did on finding my Purpose and how to put that into place in my life led me to have the Voice, confidence and pride to quit the job that I hated and set up my own business. And this just skims the surface of the programme.”
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“My meditations have grounded me into the earth while harmonizing my body, mind and soul. Reina keeps the group accountable for our daily meditations which always motivates me to go deeper. I have also built a solid foundation of self-love through emotional regulation and journaling practices which have helped me prioritize myself and become open to receiving love from others. I have learned to show up in my authentic divine power by embodying my soul everyday through meditation, self-love and soul-aligned actions. I highly recommend this programme to any soul who feels called to heal, grow, awaken and alchemize their soul!”
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Reina Pathan

Founder & Director of Empower Beyond Boundaries, International Human Rights Lawyer, Mentor and Coach for Women, Host of The Warrior Women Show Podcast and Speaker

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Hi, Love!

I'm an entrepreneur at heart, driven by my desire to bring generational transformation. I'm a mentor, coach, and spiritual teacher for women - an alchemist of infinite potential, love and intimacy activator, wealth generator, transformation facilitator and devotional leadership mentor.

My expertise is in facilitating transformational results for women in healing, love, leadership, feminine embodiment, wealth and business. I work with women who are ready to expand into deeper healing, lead from their heart, make bold moves, create generational ripple effects, make massive impact, imprint their legacy, lead from their feminine magnetism and expand to receive more financial abundance.

My work encompasses a variation of inner child healing, nervous system regulation, emotional regulation, meditation, breathwork, energy healing, chakra rebalancing, shadow work, relational healing, mindset work, subconscious programming, spiritual concepts and immersive practices.

I invite you to journey with me into deep transformation, so that you can consciously create and manifest the, life, legacy, love, business/profession, wealth and abundance you desire.

You are the leading lady in your life. You call the shots. You are the one shifting generational patterns. You are the one choosing to step into your power and lead in your life, relationships and business/profession from a healed space. You give new meaning to your legacy and purpose. You are the one creating new patterns for those that are to come after you. The one that is paving the way for a new generation...

Love & Light,


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...beyond mindset

We're stepping into deep subconscious programming, embodiment and identity work that will shift you from being a powerful woman with an idea to a savvy businesswoman who is manifesting from her magnetism and power! You'll master energetic discipline, calibrating to higher frequencies and manifestation techniques using key parts of the mind to enhance your manifestation processes and quantum leap into living the life you desire, NOW!

body alignment

You'll step into deep co-regulation with your nervous system and master techniques and processes to create capacity to hold more love, money and success. You'll create capacity within the body to receive at different income levels, feel deeply secure with love and money and open your receiving energy to hold and experience your manifestations safely as well as be in deeper alignment with the feminine and masculine within. You'll master practices and processes that will bring you deeper healing and expansion to support you in creating a life filled with love and a business booming towards legacy creation!


...on purpose

You'll create deep alignment with the life you are born to live and step into deeper levels of purpose. You'll master the Universal Laws that support you in your life, love and business; The Law of Vibration & Attraction, The Law of Gender & The Law of Polarity, The Law of Correspondence, The Law of Giving and Receiving, The Law of Sexual Polarity and more...

You're tapped into receiving...

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Access to the signature Mind, Body, Soul Meditation

Weekly Live Group Teachings with your mentor, Reina Pathan

Access to Replays of All Live Coaching Sessions

Exclusive access to the Inner Circle Facebook Community

Sales Posts (5).png
Sales Posts (5).png

Investment Options

What you'll receive:

  • Weekly live coaching session with Reina for 6 months

  • Exclusive access to The Warrior Woman Inner Circle FB Community

  • Access to replays of all live coaching sessions

  • Access to the membership portal

  • Access to the mind, body, soul meditation process

  • Access to all paid masterclasses during your time on the course

  • 20% off when you Pay in Full!

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