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Reina Pathan

Mentor to Women, Attorney, Trauma Informed Expert, Relationship & Leadership Relationship Coach, Host of The Warrior Women Show Podcast.

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About Reina

"There is a power within you waiting to be reninkled.

A light within you waiting to shine.

A woman within you waiting to be seen."

- Reina Pathan


Dear Warrior Woman,

I grew up in the wild - where our retreat is located. The essence and energy of this ecosystem lives through me. My circle of life has invited me back to where I foster my fondest childhood memories. Now, as The Warrior Woman.


I'm an entrepreneur at heart, driven by my desire to create a safe space for women to experience generational healing and transformation. I'm a mentor, coach, and spiritual teacher for women - an alchemist of infinite potential, love and intimacy activator, wealth generator, transformation facilitator, devotional leadership mentor and passionate conservationist. 

My expertise is in facilitating transformational results for women in healing, love, leadership, feminine embodiment, wealth and success. I work with women who are ready to expand into deeper healing, lead from their heart, make bold moves, create generational ripple effects, make massive impact, imprint their legacy and live and lead from their feminine magnetism.

My work encompasses a variation of inner child healing, nervous system regulation, emotional regulation, meditation, breath-work, energy healing, chakra rebalancing, shadow work, relational healing, mindset work, subconscious programming, spiritual concepts and immersive practices.

I invite you to journey with me into deep transformation, so that you can consciously create and manifest the, life, legacy, love, business/profession, finances and abundance you desire.

You are the leading lady in your life. You call the shots. You are the one shifting generational patterns. You are the one choosing to step into your power and lead in your life, relationships and business/profession from a healed space. You give new meaning to your legacy and purpose. You are the one creating new patterns for those that are to come after you. The one that is paving the way for a new generation...

Love & Light,


Connect with Reina

We are always looking to connect with new people. If you'd like to work with Reina, let's connect.

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All women can embrace who they are, can define their future, and change their world.

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