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Reina has worked with hundreds of women to support them through our workshops and coaching programs. Read what women have to say about the transformation they have experienced working with Reina


Reina is truly inspirational. Her work as a Women's Rights Lawyer floors me! She's also a woman like you and me. She's been through what we are going through and knows what it feels like. What sets her apart is she has a program that worked worked for clients including me, and will work for you! It will take you from that job that you hate but feel stuck in, or that life that just doesn't feel like it's enough, or that place of hoping that 'there must be more, right?', to identifying and achieving (yes achieving!) your goals. She is there by your side, as your inspirational leader, your insightful teacher, your cheerleader, your supporter, the one who keeps you accountable and your friend every step of the way.

I have just finished week 3 and I just wanted to say how much it is helping!! I am realizing a lot about my responses to things and how to evaluate them. I appreciate you for doing this class as well

When I started the program I didn’t understand anything about why I was feeling the way I was. I would get irritated easily, always needed validation from others.  I have since learned the reason for my actions and reactions. I can now look at everything I do from a different perspective and heal it. This program has given me the ability to heal

Since working with Reina in only 5 weeks I have seen immense progress in my emotional well-being. I can connect with my inner child, I'm building a positive relationship with myself, trust myself, created balance in my lifestyle, believe in myself and my abilities, stopped questioning and doubting myself, stopped trying to please others and started loving and appreciating myself. 

Reina, thank you so much! Your training, belief, knowledge and inspiration has helped me to make these leaps and I cannot be happier today!! I feel aligned with my true purpose and I love that you're by my side through it all. Thank you! 

Hey Reina, your influence has been nothing but positive and grand and I truly appreciate you speaking life into my wife. She deserves the world and it is such a blessing to have you breathing into her spirit.

I have been able to set my boundaries and not get upset. I can now say what I needed to say. I know that it is about me speaking up for myself and my self worth. I'm very proud of myself.

Reina, I was able to open up to you, I was able to unlock my traumas that were suppressed. Thank you!

I want to especially thank Reina for her awesome hosting and her High Impact Leadership Workshops which helped me connect to my inner truth, unlock personal healing and write my authentic story of becoming me. I walked away from this week with so much clarity on how to show up in my business and how to self-care my way to success!

I am so happy to let you know that after consistent meditation and following your guidelines I have managed to secure my job at the World Bank, that to amidst COVID. 

I have finally found my true self and it feels so good to know how good I truly am! Thank you for your support. One day it would be fantastic if we could truly meet! Maybe someday, when I travel abroad I can come to one of your in person events!

I have felt the healing shift happen with daily meditation. If I do happen to miss a session I notice it, I'm less grounded, my thoughts start spiralling.

Thank you Reina for giving me a clear direction for me my inner self realisation and actualisation. 

Work With Reina

Reina has a 100% success rate in getting her clients the results and transformation they want in their personal and professional lives. Whether this is working through their relationship troubles, self-worth, confidence or gaining clarity on the direction of their professional lives or through leadership work, Reina focuses her trainings and coaching programs to provide tailored support for her clients so that they can see rapid and transformational results!

Reina has an intuitive ability to work with her clients and take them from feeling unworthy, not good enough, self doubt, anxious, stressed, stuck, unsure and experiencing toxic relationship patterns to creating balance and security in their lives, eliminating toxic relationships, stepping into their confidence and self worth, securing their dream career role, gaining clarity in their business and shifting their perspectives from a trauma based response.

Reina is big on bringing a practical approach to a mind, body, soul concept and she works closely with her clients to roadmap and tailor their journeys. 

Her client's don't always feel ready but they move in spite of it. Yes, they feel scared but they move in spite of it. They feel nervous but they take action in spite of it. This is how her clients get rapid results - THIS is the difference!

If you are reading this and can relate to any of the above click here and contact us to book a free call with Reina where she will map out where you are, where you want to go and tell you exactly how to get there.