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  • Unleash Your Inner Beyonce (Confidence Workshop)
    Unleash Your Inner Beyonce (Confidence Workshop)
    06 Dec, 18:00 GMT
    Zoom Event
    There's no better way to step into 2022 than with your Sasha Fierce attitude! We call HER your Warrior Woman! For more event details & to save your free spot, click "Register Now".
  • Rebuilding Yourself & Your Life After Abuse
    Rebuilding Yourself & Your Life After Abuse
    15 Nov, 18:00 GMT
    Zoom Event
    We understand rebuilding yourself and your life after experiencing abuse is not easy without having a clear direction of what that looks like - whether you have experienced abuse in your childhood or adult life. For more event details click "Register Now".
  • Healing From Narcissistic Abuse (3 Day Virtual Retreat)
    Healing From Narcissistic Abuse (3 Day Virtual Retreat)
    18 Oct, 18:00 BST – 20 Oct, 19:00 BST
    Zoom Virtual Retreat
    We are beyond exhilarated to bring you this 3 Day Virtual Retreat! Click the "Register" button to read more about the retreat detail and to save your spot!
  • Heal Your Inner Child
    Heal Your Inner Child
    27 Sept, 18:00 BST
    Zoom Event
    Deep dive to understanding your habits, behaviours, relationship patterns & self-sabotaging thought patterns. In this workshop we will start to decompartmentalize the mind, body, soul concept to look at how our childhood traumas have festered and impacted us and different parts of our life.


Reina Pathan Team

Founder & Director

Reina Pathan

International Human Rights Lawyer, Founder Empower Beyond Boundaries, Public Speaker, Host of The Warrior Women Show Podcast, Facilitator and Mentor.

Sophie Leota Team

Editor & Communications Coordinator

Sophie Leota

Journalist, Writer, Human Rights Activist, Founder of Pheonix Area and Public Speaker.



At Empower Beyond Boundaries, we employ our efforts towards advocating for women's rights on a global level in order to enhance policy change that supports women both globally as well as on domestic levels. 



I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free
human being with an independent will. 

 Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

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