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Image by Susan Wilkinson
4 Weeks to Step Into Higher Receivership in Love & Wealth
4 Weekly Live Transmissions with Reina
4 Visualization Activations
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Lifetime Access
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Image by Susan Wilkinson

The time is now for women to ask for MORE!

More from themselves.
More from their lover.
More from the Universe.
More for their work.


More Love.

More Money.

More Intimacy.

More Desire.

More Truth.

More Impact.


It's time to stop behaving like asking for more is a 'daring' or 'bold' move. 


Normalize asking for MORE.

Normalize being in full receptivity.


Open your heart - let Him unconditionally love you, see you in your authenticity, adorn you, receive his appreciation and admiration fully.

Raise your prices in business, let your clients invest with you, remunerate you for your work and medicine.


Step into your Magnetism and attract what you desire from a wealthy space.


Let your Feminine Breathe...


She's wealthy in love.

She's wealthy in financial abundance.

She's wealthy in her life's vision.

She's wealthy in intimacy and connection.

She's wealthy in life experiences.


I'm taking you through a journey to Awaken Your Wild & Wealthy Woman.

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The Pleasure & Power Portal is for the Woman ready to open her heart to the Masculine and transform her relationship with The Masculine in; in life, in love, in wealth in business. In this Portal we will be:

Regulating Your Relationship With The Masculine

Opening Your Womb Space to Receive More of The Masculine

Holding Space in Your Feminine Power to Receive The Masculine in His Integrity

Activating Wealth in Your Feminine DNA

Awaken All Parts of You - sensual, wild, successful, powerful, nurturing, dark, sexy, feisty, serene...

Celebrate Your Feminine Power

Receive Love & Intimacy From a Safe and Wealthy Energy

Move Out of Hustle and Into Powerful Magnetism

Step Into Your "Let My Feminine Breathe..." Era

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Reina is truly inspirational. Her work as a Women's Rights Lawyer floors me! She's also a woman like you and me. She's been through what we are going through and knows what it feels like. What sets her apart is she has a program that worked worked for clients including me, and will work for you! It will take you from that job that you hate but feel stuck in, or that life that just doesn't feel like it's enough, or that place of hoping that 'there must be more, right?', to identifying and achieving (yes achieving!) your goals. She is there by your side, as your inspirational leader, your insightful teacher, your cheerleader, your supporter, the one who keeps you accountable and your friend every step of the way.

Image by Susan Wilkinson

Are You Ready To Let Your Feminine Breathe..

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