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Our Services

We work with individuals and companies to provide them with dynamic and holistic support in their personal and professional lives. 

For Individuals

We focus on providing individuals coaching centred around relationships, mindset, childhood trauma healing, emotional-wellbeing, leadership and empowerment. Click here to find out more!

For Corporate

We work with companies and their teams on professional relationship building, leadership, communication, confidence, mindset, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, peak performance and more! Click here to find out more.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Reina Pathan Team Page_edited.jpg

What made me choose Reina to work with as my Coach?


That's easy...I knew from chatting with her early on that she simply wouldn't let me not achieve my goals. I didn't know what they were exactly at the time - that was part of the wonderful journey we went on - but I could tell that she was so passionate about helping women that she would fight for me all the way.

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