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Coaching Programs 

We work with individuals to provide them with dynamic and holistic support in their personal and professional lives. 

Mind, Body, Soul Work

Our coaching focuses on bringing a holistic approach. We teach you how to heal from and let go of past experiences and create alignment through our Mind, Body, Soul practices including our signature Soul Alchemy Meditation Practice. 

Childhood Trauma Healing

Our childhood plays a big role in our life as adults. It impacts the way we feel about ourselves, ability to communicate, set boundaries, feel confident, our worthiness, creates self-doubt and also affects our view and experiences of relationships, success, wealth and more! Our work focuses on healing deeply embedded childhood wounds and beliefs that are holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself.

Emotional Well-being

Our mental and emotional wellbeing plays a key role in how we feel about ourselves and how we cope with life in general. Most of us struggle with mental health on a daily basis - from anxiety, depression, chronic stress and more! We provide you with practical tools that support your emotional well-being. With consistent application of these, our clients are seeing results within the first three weeks of working with us!

Relationship Coaching

Ever wondered why you keep experiencing the same patterns and problems in your relationships? Well, it has nothing to do with you but everything to do with your subconscious relationship blueprint. We work with you to deep dive into your blueprint and reprogram the way you perceive and attract relationships. 

Mindset Coaching

Ever wondered where your negative thoughts come from? Research shows that we have almost 6,000 thoughts in a day and most of our thoughts are the same as those we had yesterday - the self-doubt, not feeling good enough, overwhelm, rejection, unworthiness, all have a root cause. We work with you to uncover and shift your deeply embedded limiting beliefs so that you experience deep transformation with your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. 

Leadership & Empowerment

There is a stark difference in the % of women in managerial and executive positions leadership. With an ever changing and dynamic work force, women need effective training that enables them to progress in their careers. Our work brings a new meaning to female leadership. It focuses on enhancing and applying our unique qualities as women.   

What Our Clients Say About Reina

Reina Pathan Team Page_edited.jpg

Reina is truly inspirational. Her work as a Women's Rights Lawyer floors me! She's also a woman like you and me. She's been through what we are going through and knows what it feels like. What sets her apart is she has a program that worked worked for clients including me, and will work for you! It will take you from that job that you hate but feel stuck in, or that life that just doesn't feel like it's enough, or that place of hoping that 'there must be more, right?', to identifying and achieving (yes achieving!) your goals. She is there by your side, as your inspirational leader, your insightful teacher, your cheerleader, your supporter, the one who keeps you accountable and your friend every step of the way.

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