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VECTOR l Money Medicine 
Wealth Calibration Sessions

As the Divine Feminine you are the embodiment of abundance & the portal of life into the Universe. In your most natural and innate Divine Feminine Energy, wealth and abundance flow through you with ease. Your sessions in VECTOR are designed to support you in  tapping into your money medicine and calibrating to your next level of receiving wealth in your biz!

VECTOR is for you if...

There are several intricate layers as to why as women we consistently experience resistance to receiving more money and calibrating to higher levels of  financial abundance and wealth.


VECTOR is for the femmepreneur, who has a desire to receive more money in her biz from a space of overflow and ease. It's for the woman that desires to be more and have more whilst magnetising her desires. It's for the woman who desires to receive her first five figure month or calibrate to her first six-figure year in business. It is for the entrepreneur who is ready to embody pleasure and ease in her business whilst manifesting wealth.


This is for you if you are ready to:

  • Dive deeper than simply money mindset work and INTO YOUR MONEY MEDICINE!

  • Invite greater levels of wealth, more clients and receive more money in your biz!

  • Calibrate your nervous system to feel deeply safe and secure with money and wealth in your life.

  • Step into greater purpose and service towards your clients.

  • Magnetize & attract your soul clients with ease.

  • Embody and embrace the wealthy Goddesss within you that lives in the manifestation your desired income level