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Image by Jennifer Marquez

QUANTUM l Healing &
Manifestation Session

This is a one-to-one intuitive mind, body & soul healing and manifestation experience with Reina.  You'll receive a full energy reading to bring you clarity in your journey, guided roadmap to QUANTUM leap your manifestations in love, relationships, wealth & abundance, heal unconsciously suppressed trauma, shift energetic blocks to receiving love, wealth & abundance.

QUANTUM is for you if...

  • Desire clarity on why you keep experiencing the same patterns in your relationships and manifestations.

  • Are consciously manifesting and attracting a committed and deeply fulfilling relationship, wealth and abundance in your life.

  • Want to discover energetic blocks in love and intimacy.

  • Have past suppressed or repressed traumatic experiences that you are being invited to heal and release. 

  • Desire to gain clarity on what is in the way of you moving forward in your life & relationships.

  • Seek a sense of deep security and safety within yourself. 

  • Desire to heal and feel a deep sense of peace and emotional freedom.

  • Have a desire to feel deeply satisfied in love and intimacy in your relationship.

Whether you are a woman that in a relationship, married or still searching for the one. Perhaps you are a woman that wants to take her relationship with love and intimacy in a deeper way or you desire more wealth and abundance in your life.... 

Reina will tap into your energy and explore what you are and have been experiencing to identify patterns that need to shift. Reina will use that as a guide to dive deeper and intuitively explore where your energetic blocks are and guide you through the work needed to heal, release, invite and manifest.


This 90 minute session is also designed to provide you with the roadmap to QUANTUM leap into your desired manifestations.

  • Coaching, Energetic Healing, Emotional & Nervous System Regulation, In...

    1 hr 30 min

    444 US dollars

In just 4 weeks, I have seen huge changes in my body, mind and soul. Reina keeps the group accountable for our daily meditations which always motivates me to go deeper. I have also built a solid foundation of self-love and journaling practices which have helped me prioritize myself and become open to receiving love from others. I have learned to show up in my authentic divine power by embodying my soul everyday through her teachings. I highly recommend this programme to anyone who feels called to heal and grow!

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