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Money Magnetism: 6 Week LIVE Mini Course

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Money Magnetism: 6 weeks Live Mini Course! Course Content: - Money Energetics : Become magnetic to money and attract more of it into your life with ease - Wealth Codes: $10K+ Wealth Transmission and Activations - Money Magnetism: Increase your magnetic energy and make money work for you instead of hustling for money in your life & business - Generational Wealth Elevation: Create generational wealth and start receiving through overflow and abundance - Expansion: Activate deeper expansion and receptivity with money - Sacral Chakra YES Money!!: Deep dive into your money medicine and invite deeper intimacy with money - Money and Polarity: Activate your sacred feminine and receive from overflow You receive: Weekly LIVE calls every Thursday! LIVE transmissions and activations! Practical tools to activate your vibration of wealth, abundance and overflow! Replays available Lifetime access to course content Pay In Full - $1,111 OR Payment Plan - $777 (x2 monthly instalments) Upgrade for 1:1 Voxer Coaching + $333

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