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Unlock Your Blocks To Manifesting Love & Happiness

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Which one of these best describes you? 1. You had a normal childhood but felt your parents didn't give you the love, time, affection you needed. You did not feel loved, wanted and accepted.  2. You grew up in a toxic environment (perhaps witnessed or experienced abuse) and had an unhealthy relationship with your parents. You did not experience any stability or safety in your childhood. 3. You grew up in a controlling and rules based environemnt and never felt you could be free, felt misunderstood and like you didn't belong. 4. You had an absent parent (mother or father) or had a parent who was physically present but emotionally absent and not involved in your daily life If any one of these is you, then you are in the right place for help!  This course is for you if:   - You have unhealed childhood wounds that are still causing you pain today - Your emotional needs were not met as a child  - Your number one fear is being rejected and feeling lonely/abandoned  - You feel deeply insecure, unworthy and are not sure how to begin loving yourself - You struggle with setting boundaries and communicating how you feel - You struggle with being vulnerable, intimate and trusting someone  - You constantly feel unworthy and not good enough -Relationships are difficult for you - You see yourself in the same patterns of relationships and with the same problems - You always self doubt and question your self worth -You are looking for practical steps to help you

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