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Image by Jennifer Marquez

ESSENCE l Feminine Embodiment Sessions

These sessions are tailored towards connecting you with your feminine essence. They are focused on healing your receiving wound, tapping into your feminine energy, learning how to surrender and receive love, intimacy and wealth with ease and pleasure. 

ESSENCE is for you if...

You are a journey to becoming HER. The woman that is:

  • An embodiment of her femininity; physically, emotionally and spiritually

  • The woman that is deeply satisfied, nurtured and secure in her relationship

  • Connected to her sensuality

  • Receives love, wealth and abundance with ease.

  • Has a deep knowing of how to trust and assert boundaries

  • Witnesses herself in her vulnerability 

  • That is the embodiment of inner strength

  • Oozes confidence and whose presence turns heads when she walks into any room

  • Is emotionally in tune with her partner

  • That feels emotionally comfortable and secure with a man

  • Is the one that is pursued by men

Whether you are a woman that in a relationship, married or still searching for the one. Perhaps you are a woman that wants to take her relationship with love, intimacy and money to a higher calibration. Or you desire more wealth and abundance in your life.... 

ESSENCE is for you if...

  • Desiring to receive love and wealth with ease.

  • Healing your receiving wound on a deeper level.

  • Seeking deep embodiment of your femininity

  • Seeking deep intimate and emotional security, intimacy and connection in relationships

  • Attracting a soul fulfilling relationship

  • Taking your current relationship to the next intimate level

  • Taking your relationship with love to the next level

  • Have a desire to feel deeply satisfied in love and intimacy in your relationship