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Empower! (July 2021 Issue)

Empower! (July 2021 Issue)


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"Hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore..."

Some of us may be too young to know this song by Helen Reddy but if there was one that was going to describe this month's edition, it is just that! This song celebrated female empowerment and became the anthem for the women's liberation movement. 

When it comes to women's empowerment, we cannot talk about empowerment without giving recognition to the women, past and present, that have contributed towards the change in women's lives. It goes without saying that whilst there is a lot of work left to do within the movement, 2021 is still by far the best time for women to be alive. Yet today, many women are still not claiming what is rightfully and by birth theirs. 

This month, we are claiming our liberation. Get a copy of this month's edition filled with a journey of the women's liberation movement and stories of the journey's that many powerful women have taken to allow us to have the freedoms we enjoy today. We're also talking about breast health awareness, fun filled confessions and much more!

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