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Manifest Your Soulmate

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This program is for you if you are: - In a never ending cycle of attracting the wrong types of men in your life - You are frustrated with the never ending first dates with men you have nothing in common with, men who cannot give you what you desire, leave you with question marks or in the dark...OR PERHAPS - You always find yourself in relationships where you feel unfulfilled, unhappy, not seen or understood - You find yourself in relationships where there is no spark! And... You are ready to find your soulmate, have tried all the manifestation techniques - the scripting, acting as if, visioning, journaling, but...nothing seems to work. You keep seeing the same type of man show up - low vibe, not committed, emotionally unavailble. You are left wondering, why you can't seem to meet a good man? Questioning whether, 'all men are like this?', why all the f*ckboys come your way, why you keep getting ghosted, why he keeps pulling away and why this always happens to you?!  And after all that effort... You are sick and tired of finding yourself in situationships and are ready for a RELATIONSHIP!  If that's you then you are in exactly the right place. What you are going to learn: -Why you keep attracting the same types of men and what you are doing wrong and how you can instantly change this -What is manifestation and how start practically applying it - What manifestation is not - Why your manifestation is not working - How to manifest your Soulmate

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