• How to 'Adult' 101
    Mon, 14 Jun
    Online Workshop- Zoom
    Growing up there are many things we were never taught, whether it be about credit scores or filing taxes- but many of us were never taught to value ourselves! Register for this workshop to find out about the fundamental things that you need to know as an adult that were never taught to you.
  • Is being 'ghosted' making you question -"am I enough?"
    Mon, 12 Jul
    Online Workshop- Zoom
    This FREE workshop explores the implications of being 'ghosted' by a potential partner or a friend have on your self worth and what you can do to get a response!
  • Unleash your Inner Beyonce in a Male Dominated Workplace
    Mon, 09 Aug
    Online Workshop- Zoom
    This workshop will teach you how to be a BOSS lady whilst also maintaining your feminine energy in workplaces that are dominated by masculine energy! *Photo Credit - TIME Magazine*
  • The Millennial Women's Leadership Workshop
    Mon, 07 Jun
    Online Workshop
    This workshop has been devised specially to provide women with access to the training, knowledge and awareness they need when it comes to acquiring leadership skills and qualities in their professional and personal lives.
  • Time Travel Back To Your Childhood!
    Thu, 13 May
    FREE Online Workshop - Zoom
    Research shows that the first 7 years of a child's life are the most important in determining how happy and successful an individual will be in their adult life. This workshop is all about reconnecting with your childhood to help you in understanding yourself and your behaviours better.

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