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Born in Kenya, Reina moved to the UK at the age of 10 where she has lived since. 
Reina was raised in a culture that did not recognise the value of women. Where women were oppressed and not enable to exericise their rights, freedoms and choice.
She has overcome a life of oppression, abuse, trauma limitation and conformity.
She now helps others liberate themselves from the inner conflicts that arise from years of abuse and torment.
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Reina works closely with women from refugee, asylum-seeking and minority backgrounds on a domestic and international level.
Reina has a specialism in international women's rights issues and works in partnership with various domestic  and international non-profit organisations.
She deals with cases involving domestic abuse, sexual abuse, trafficking, forced marriage and honour-based violence.






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Reina has dedicated her life and career to advocating for the rights and recognition of liberation for girls and women globally.
She embraces her spirituality and spiritual gifts in transmuting love and light to others by opening space for them to heal from their past traumas.
Reina is passionate about making women recognise and embody their inner power, strength and courage so that they can create their visionary life.
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Reina is a motivational speaker and life coach for girls and women.
She helps women transcend into their visionary life by embodying the Pocahontas approach.

Editor & Communications Coordinator

Sophie Leota

Sophie supports with our monthly newsletter, keeping you updated with all things events, workshops and webinars and also with the organisational aspect of all events. 

Sophie Leota is a 22-year-old Environmental Science Major, Journalist and writer from Fiji Islands with paternal links to Apia, Samoa. She is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Politics and is an advocate for human rights. 


Sophie is the founder of the Phoenix Area on Facebook, a private group that revolves around men's rights. She has worked on Climate Change issues for 10 years with organisations to combat the effects of Climate Change. She also volunteers with her friends, occasionally planting mangroves and engaging in other social work.


Events Coordinator

Alexandra Angelis

Alexandra is a 21-year old recent graduate of Criminology. She comes from a diverse ethnic background of Greek, Armenian and Russian. She is currently working in Ireland and is passionate about all things human rights, particularly issues concerning women.

Whilst pursuing her University degree, Alexandra spent her time volunteering for an organisation aimed at teaching and supporting women from migrant communities.


Alexandra has also worked with Reina as an intern paralegal supporting her with international human rights cases, particularly those concerning asylum-seeking women that have experienced human rights atrocities. 

All women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and change their world.

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