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Reina Pathan

Spiritual Teacher & Coach, International Human Rights Lawyer, Trauma Informed Expert, Manifestation & Relationship Coach, Creator of the 'Mind, Body, Soul' Method, Host of The Warrior Women Show Podcast, Speaker, Author.

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My Journey

"There is a power within you waiting to be reninkled.

A light within you waiting to shine.

A woman within you waiting to be seen."

- Reina Pathan


I have lived my life anchored in Rumi's poetic saying, "What you seek, is seeking you."

I am truth seeker that has been on a self-discovery journey. As a deeply spiritual person, I spent most of my life a wavering soul seeking to find a sense of belonging and purpose. I believe as women, we are the portals of life into this Universe. We have a power within us to create life - our life, and to receive the abundance of love, wealth and success. 

I have dedicated my life's work to those, like myself, who that are seeking something deeper within themselves; connection, healing, purpose and belonging. The last 11 years of my life have been invested in learning, teaching and avidly practising spirituality. In this work, I have also embraced my journey in healing from sexual, physical and emotional trauma, embodied my Warrior Woman and calibrated my mind and body to align with myself on a soul level. 

I came into this work after having dedicated my professional career in international human rights law. My journey as a human rights lawyer was my portal into my healing journey as I saw a version of me in the women sitting across me. Through my journey, I have learned that you have to peel through many layers of personal trauma, cultural and societal beliefs to birth a new version of yourself. 


I am here to hold space for you as you reconnect with your body, embrace your healing, embody your self-power and channel your inner leader. I am here to guide and equip you with the tools that will support your journey to becoming the version of you that is living an extraordinary life, that feels fulfilled, secure and whole in your life and relationships, as you step into a woman who is deeply pleasured and connected with her personal leadership and sensuality and, receives wealth and success with ease. I'm here to teach you how to step into your power, heal from your past, live in alignment with your purpose and be the change you want to see in your world.

Connect with Reina

We are always looking to connect with new people. If you'd like to work with Reina, let's connect.

All women can embrace who they are, can define their future, and change their world.

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