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Transform Your Relationships!


ALCHEMY - Membership Circle

Join our monthly membership to receive; monthly coaching videos on healing, manifestation, relationships, mindset and spirituality, monthly group coaching calls with Reina & join our exclusive Facebook community where you get to connect with others on a similar journey.

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ASCEND - Six Month Group Coaching Container

Are you ready to go through a healing process? To heal your relationship blueprint and attract the relationship you've always desired? ASCEND is the ultimate 'Mind, Body, Soul' healing and transformational experience that will teach you how to turn your pain into your personal power, to attract the romantic relationship you desire and live your life from a space of emotional freedom and deep security. The container has been created to be a safe space for you to journey through your healing and transformational process. 

Join the group coaching experience where you will deep dive into your healing work in a supportive and safe space, you'll master practical tools to support you in healing past traumas/experiences using the 'Mind, Body, Soul' method. This is the container for you to heal past trauma, transform your relationship blueprint, and begin attracting the love you desire. To learn more about others' experiences through the program or get more info, click below.

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ESSENCE: Feminine Embodiment

Step into your journey to embrace your femininity, heal your receiving wound, tap into your feminine energy, learn how to surrender and receive love, intimacy and wealth with ease and pleasure. In this course you will embody your feminine essence; physically, emotionally and spiritually. You will become a woman that trusts, is deeply satisfied, nurtured, oozes confidence and feels secure in herself.

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LIBERATE: Heal Your Inner Child

In this course you'll connect with your inner child and master practical tools to support you in inner child healing work. You will learn how to regulate your emotions, transform subconscious patterning and heal from past traumatic experiences. 

Coming Soon...

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Building A Foundation For Relationships That Last

Learn the key things you need to attract fulfilling relationships and to build a solid foundation. If you are ready to attract a committed and secure relationship, feel deep connection and belonging, have open communication, trust and consistency in your relationships then this course is for you. 

Coming Soon...

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Heal Your Attachment Style

Discover and heal your attachment style. In this course you will practical healing tools that will help you attract secure, healthy and abundant relationships in your life. You will gain clarity on what is stopping you from feeling deep security and safety within yourself. This course is for you if you are ready to become secure, for those that have struggled with codependency and anxiety in relationships and for those that want to heal from past abusive or toxic relationships. 

Coming Soon...

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Working with Reina as a coach has taken me from a dark place, where I didn't know who I was and left lost and very unhappy - to quite literally freedom! I now have a successful business which I'm excited to get up for everyday. I'm helping women to feel free and get the jobs they truly deserve, just like I have and it gives me such pride and gratitude to do this work. It is truly an honour.And a vast amount of that is down to working with Reina and completing her programme.

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