QUANTUM l Intuitive Healing Session

This is a one-to-one intuitive mind, body & soul healing experience with Reina to support you in releasing past trauma, unsupportive relationship patterns, trapped energy or emotions that are preventing you from calling in your manifestations.


We will explore what you are and have been experiencing in your reality. Reina will use that as a guide to dive deeper and intuitively explore where your energetic blocks are and guide you through the work needed to heal and release. This 90 minute session is also designed to provide you with the roadmap to quantum leap into your desired future by guiding you into feeling emotionally free and aligned. 

QUANTUM is for you if...

  • Have past suppressed or repressed trauma that you wish to release.

  • Desire to release energetic blocks preventing you from manifesting your desires.

  • Desire to gain clarity on what is in the way of you manifesting your desires.

  • Seek a sense of deep security and safety within yourself. 

  • Desire to heal a past wound on a deeper level.

  • Desire to heal from anxiety or depression and feel a deep sense of peace and emotional freedom.

  • Seeking deep intimate and emotional security, intimacy and connection in romantic relationships.

  • Desire to heal your relationship attachment (avoidant or anxious) or from codependency

  • Have a desire to feel deeply satisfied in love and intimacy in your relationship

  • Desire to gain clarity on your energetic blocks to receiving wealth and abundance.

The Quantum Process

Before the session you will complete a pre-session booklet. This will support Reina with intuitively tapping into your energy and walk with you through a deep diving healing journey. Prior to the session it is always helpful to meditate and journal about your intentions and what you wish to gain from the session. 

During the session, Reina will begin by gaining an insight into what you wish to gain from your time together. She will then walk you through a deep healing process that will get you clear on where your healing work needs to be focused on and provide you with tools and resources that can aide the process for you.

Reina will guide you through post-session self care and you will have a 24 hour time period during which she will check-in with you.