WE ARE BACK!!! Yes, we are back and here to stay!

2020 has been such a rollercoaster and made things challenging for all of us. Didn’t 2020 feel like a math problem?

Just as we were about to digest an event, another pops up and we're back to our shocked state of mind. We had the passing Kobe Bryant and Gianna kicking off our 2020, Chadwick Boseman was a huge loss for every Comic book/Superhero fan in the world, the Beirut explosion was another heartbreaking event and the passing of the 2nd ever woman appointed to the American High Court - Ruth Bader Ginsberg, which left many feeling hollow. We also had the passing of Indian Actor Shushant Singh Rajput which caused the entire Indian population to mourn in sorrow and pain. Lots of losses this year for people of all walks of life. The most upheaving event - COVID 19. The pandemic that stopped the world causing millions of deaths around the world. Now, we don’t know about you but it has been scary to think of a silent invisible killer lurking out there.

Nevertheless, the pandemic brought with it, its own challenges, sorrow, joy and shift.

Despite this, 2020 has been a year of recovery. The Earth is recovering from the wounds humans have inflicted for years, we have got to spend time with our family which we are rarely able to do, it has brought many to question where they are at in their lives, brought a new way of working and economics.

We got to celebrate our first Black Female Vice President in the White House which is something we are super excited about! Having an Indian/Black FEMALE Vice President, does it get any better and diverse in one person than that?

Also, this year we had a very beautiful Black Lives Matter movement and we are proud to have seen many people globally stand up for the rights and justice of an entire community.

Now, let’s take a moment to celebrate our wins here at Empower Beyond Boundaries!

Because...although 2020 was a pandemic year spent locked in a house for most of it,

for Empower Beyond Boundaries, it has been a year of wins and success. Life is all about perspective, you can either choose to see an obstacle or an opportunity and we saw plenty of opportunities!

COVID-19 forced us to bring all our events online and we are most grateful for this experience! The feeling of being online has been unreal for us, has brought our reach global and it has been amazing connecting and engaging with women from all different countries, backgrounds, ethnicities and with all sorts of experiences.

Seeing our initiative grow online to what it is this year has been a humbling and grateful experience and we look forward to the many more experiences that come from this shift and with much more inclusivity for women!

This year, we also celebrated the first anniversary of Empower Beyond Boundaries in October 2020! We survived a whole year!

And with many more years to come, Reina, our Founder, left her fulltime job as a lawyer in November 2020 to dedicate her time and grow the organization to bring her vision to fruition! The level of dedication and love she has towards our EBB family is huge and we are super excited to share our journey towards empowering women with you!

Our team has also grown with Reina bringing on board Sophie Leota and an ever-growing team of diverse, ambitious women to push the organisation forward into bigger, better and greater heights!

Sophie Leota is a Journalism Major from Fiji Islands, a writer and you will be seeing and hearing lots more of her from here on. Our team are super excited to work together and bring you all the amazing workshops, talks, webinars and events we have planned for 2021 and our EBB family!

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Article by Sophie Leota

(Editor and Communications Coordinator)


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