May Update!

Just a quick update to say...

This month has been full of exciting things coming to light. Of all things that we got up to, we're proud to announce the launching of our official website and hence you, here, reading this! We are delighted to introduce this platform for all young South Asian females as a safe space to engage in conversation about things that matter to THEM! We are driven by your enthusiasm and vision to bring change and look forward to embarking on this journey with you.

Early this year, we carried out a study to see what challenges young South Asian girls and women are encountering and we received some phenomenal responses from young individuals. We're proud of young individuals who are 'woke' to the challenges and limitations that they encounter. Our study has been used to tailor focused webinars to the needs young females. To find out more about their responses and what young girls/women have to say check out our Instagram page - @beyondboundares8.

We are really excited for what we have got planned in the upcoming months! Stay tuned for some fun-filled and thought provoking workshops and webinars. We have some fantastic guest speakers lined up and we look forward to seeing you there. Click on the link to head to our Events page and be sure to register!

To make sure that you don't miss out on any opportunities to participate, be sure to subscribe to our e-mail list for updates on our upcoming events and much more!

If you are a young South Asian female and have a story to share with us - get in contact! We would be delighted to feature your story on our page.

Don't miss out!

Connect with us via Social Media - follow us on our Instagram page for daily content and quicker updates - @beyondboundaries8.


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