How To Attract A High Value Man

In a world of lock downs, swiping left and right on apps and having virtual dates, finding the one has never been more challenging.

The dating world is a challenging space but for a high value woman that wants to attract her equal counterpart, the challenges are far more. There are plenty of options our there (and we love options ladies), but we seem to be choosing the wrong options time and time again!

Ladies, I get it - the frustration of never ending first dates with men you have nothing in common with, don't see a future with, leave you with question marks at the end of it, meeting the same toxic's a never ending process!


It leaves you wondering, why you can't seem to meet a good man, why all the f*ckboys come your way, why you keep getting ghosted, why he keeps pulling away, why this always happens to you?!

The problem ladies isn't so much with the man himself. I say this with sheer love but, it's time to come back and self-reflect on YOU!

Dating is not so much about finding the one. It's about attracting the one.

So far, you have been chaotically seeking and searching for something - an idea. The idea of the man that you want to be with. You have been playing offence with the same game plan, same moves and tactics and just isn't going to work!

If you want to begin seeing results in your dating life and start attracting a high-value man you have to start doing different. This is exactly what we are going to go through in this post!

What is a high-value man?

If we want to attract a high value man well, we need to know what makes a man low value and high value.

A low value man:

  • Has no ambition, drive or purpose

  • Has no respect for your input or opinions

  • Is not financially stable

  • Emotionally unavailable or distant

  • Cannot commit to anything; jobs, relationship, dates etc.

  • He is always 'busy' and cannot make time for you

  • He puts you down

  • Gets jealous easily

  • Toxic or abusive

  • Extremely concerned about his self image

  • Always cancels on you last minute

  • Makes you feel insecure and not good enough

  • Surrounds himself with friends that are similar to him

  • Quick to criticize others and never takes responsibility

  • Tries to control you in direct or indirect ways

  • Tries to change you to how he wants you to be

  • Finds it difficult to compromise or meet you halfway

  • Feels entitled to sleeping with you

  • Ghosts you

Ok ladies, I am sure you can all relate to one or more of these! No shame, no self-judgement, girl! We've all been there, me included!

The thing about dating and relationships is, no one teaches us what healthy looks like and what to look for in a man. And there are plenty of reasons why you have been attracting low value men (which I will get into later).

So, let's now look at the qualities of a man high-value!

  • Ambitious, determined, intelligent, driven and has a purpose

  • Financially stable and successful in his career

  • He is a leader in what he does

  • Has a growth mindset

  • Has emotional intelligence

  • Has integrity - a.k.a if he says he is going to do something he commits to it - he is a man of his word!

  • He treats women with respect

  • Knows how to make a woman feel safe and secure in his energy/presence

  • Has a certain je ne sais qui vibe about him

  • He is assertive and knows what he wants

  • He understands how to manoeuvre power dynamics

  • Has high standards and values for himself

  • He is not afraid to apologise

  • Takes care of his body, fitness and health

  • Takes pride in his appearance

  • Proactive in planning dates

  • He basically, has his sh*t together!