Happy New Year !

Happy New Year !

We are finally at the end of the YEAR OF OBSTACLES that we have all have come to know as the year 2020

2020, what a rollercoaster it was. But we can assure you that 2021 will be very different ! We have a huge lineup of fun filled events and content to keep you refreshed and at high vibrations throughout the whole year !

To familiarize you with us, as we will be popping up on your newsfeed and life a lot from now onwards :

I am Sophie Leota, I am the Editor and Communications Coordinator of Empower Beyond Boundaries. I am a Journalism and Environmental Science major and am currently pursuing a degree in Politics. I am an aspiring politician and I also have a Men's Online Support group called the Phoenix Area that helps men who are survivors of trauma.

We also have our Boss Lady Reina Pathan, the Founder of Empower Beyond Boundaries, an International Human Rights lawyer, entrepreneur, speaker, facilitator, Host of The Warrior Women and a Success Coach.

And last but not the least, we have Alexandra Angelis, who is our Events Coordinator. Alexandra is a recent graduate of Criminology and is passionate about all things human rights, particularly issues concerning women. Alexandra spent her time volunteering for an organization aimed at teaching and supporting women from migrant communities whilst she was pursuing her degree.

We are a team of powerful women, who have been advocates for Human/Women Rights for years and the Universe has now brought us together to share our gift, knowledge and support with you all as Empower Beyond Boundaries.

We look forward to sharing a journey of healing and success with all the beautiful women in this group.