Fall In Love With 2020

Do you remember 2019 New Years Eve, a big smile on your face, shouting the countdown to midnight to welcome 2020, your smile and enthusiasm screaming that 2020 will be YOUR year? And then COVID hit us, Trump almost started a World War, Kobe died and you're basically stuck at home now.

Being stuck at home, while heavenly for a few who got to spend time with their family, their children and their pets, was a disaster for some women around the world. According to BBC news, while the world battles the pandemic, there has been an increase in Domestic Violence cases by 20% as many people are stuck at home with their abuser.

(If you are facing Domestic Violence in your household, please reach out to us via email or messenger so we can help you reach relevant authorities and receive the help you may require).

BUT, 2020 wasn't all storms and darkness. It wasn't the year we expected, and it really does not feel like a moment to see the glass as half full or make lemonade out of lemons, but these moments will remind you how and why we got through it together. This is not meant to minimize the harsh reality of an incredibly difficult year. Many have lost loved ones. Many are struggling. Many feel sad, scared, frustrated and broken. It’s OK to not be OK right now and to just do your best to get through this genuinely unprecedented time.

While this year seemed especially hard, there are silver linings. Out of coronavirus comes creativity. Out of quarantine comes bonus time with family. Out of activism comes changes for the better. One thing we can try to do is to see the good. Here are our 2020 moments that we absolutely loved:

Our most exciting one was the 103 year old grandma who beat COVID19 and celebrated with a bud light (pictured above). The way she kicked death lurking in the corner and said "NOT TODAY SATAN" was the kickass of this year!

Of course we had to include the fact that drive in cinemas are a thing now! Don't you just love that we are going back to the late 1900's where we had things like drive in cinemas and concerts? Enjoying your movie in the comfort of your car with your snacks and beers, just having a good time with not a worry of the world. With toilet paper out of stock, bidets are booming which is good news for our behinds...and less wasteful.

Our inner Miss. Lazy was so glad that tees and sweatpants are an acceptable attire now! We, Sophie, Alexandra and Reina, have our weekly zoom meetings in our PAJAMAS and its the best thing ever. And our inner Miss. Eat Out was thrilled when some restaurants shared their secret recipes so we could make them at home! It doesn't matter if it tasted the same or not, its the thought that counts right?

If you're a music freak like Sophie, we know you enjoyed the fact that Lady Gaga gave us a new album for sweaty dance-floor fun – in our living rooms, Dua Lipa single-handedly saved pop music, then Carly Rae Jepsen did it again with her new album, AND QUEEN B Beyoncé dropped some fierce surprises, like her Juneteenth track “Black Parade” and for her visual album, "Black Is King.“ Now if only One Direction could make a comeback album before 31st December, that would be great!

This year, sure, we might have gained a little weight, but we rediscovered our love for old hobbies like baking and gardening. Seeing people get creative and make businesses out of their hobbies was real thrilling. And our inner child is so happy that puzzles and board games became cool again and offered a much-needed break from our screens. As an active member of the BLM movement, Sophie was thrilled by the news that Crayola launched a box of crayons with diverse skin colors for children to "accurately color themselves into the world. "Such a beautiful gesture towards eradicating color based discrimination. HATS OFF TO CRAYOLA.

This year, we also learnt to appreciate. We learned that homeschooling is hard and finally recognized teachers for the heroes that they are. Handling kids is hard enough, teaching them is a whole another story! Health care workers and essential workers. Also heroes. SUPERHEROES, who save the world from the grasps of COVID every day while putting themselves at risk of falling into the devils grasp themselves.

This year, as we celebrated Black people in all their wonderful glory, NASA named its Washington, D.C. headquarters after Mary W. Jackson, its first Black female engineer. Such a wonderful gesture to honor a great woman. After casting 40 seasons of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” ABC finally cast its first Black male lead, Matt James. And for the first time ever, the Academy Award for best picture went to an international feature film: "Parasite."

COVID wasnt the only baby of 2020, Ashley Graham, Jenna Dewan, Anderson Cooper and more stars welcomed the most adorable babies too! And as we mentioned in our previous post, our baby EBB celebrated her 1st birthday this year in October!

Now, if we take away the potential wars, stuck at home, cant vacay, and COVID19, 2020 was a sort of, decent year! If you're an introvert, I know 2020 was a delight. The Earth is recovering, Greenhouse emissions are low, animals we haven't seen in ages are around again, Mother Nature hasn't been more beautiful.

What was your happy moment in 2020? Let us know in the comment section!

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Article by Sophie Leota

Editor and Communication Coordinator



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