Corporate Training

We work with businesses to provide training for women in the workplace. With an ever growing female workforce, women still lack support in their professional development. Our training is tailored specifically to meet women's needs within the workplace and optimise their potential and productivity to benefit your company as well as the individual. 

Leadership & Empowerment

There is a stark difference in the % of women in managerial and executive positions leadership. With an ever changing and dynamic work force, women need effective training that enables them to progress in their careers. Our work brings a new meaning to female leadership. It focuses on enhancing and applying our unique qualities as women.   

Confidence Coaching

In a research study conducted by our company, 100% of women said that they struggled with feeling confident in the workplace. Female confidence is inevitably in decline and there are many underlying reasons why. We work with your team to train them uncovering their confidence blocks and how to channel their inner confidence so that they can optimise results in the workplace.

Team Building & Professional Relationships

The quality of our professional relationships dictates the quality of our business. We provide women with opportunities to better enhance their professional relationships through effective team building skills, communication and collectivism. 


The barriers to effective communication on part of a company's employees can hinder the progress of any company. We focus on teaching women what their subconscious blocks to effective communication are and providing them with practical tools that breakthrough these. 

Mindset Coaching

The 80-20 rule states that success is 80% to do with your state of mine and 20% to do with strategy. Our mental conditioning equals the results that we produce in the workplace. We provide women with  mindset training and teach them how to maximise their potential by overcoming limiting beliefs, breaking patterns self destructive behaviour and creating discipline and focus within the workplace. 

Peak Performance 

Stress, anxiety, depression are common things that women can experience in he work place. This has a direct correlation with their level of productivity at work. Through learning practical tools that can help minimize stress and anxiety, we can learn how to optimise out performance at work. 

What Our Clients Say About Reina

Reina Pathan Team Page_edited.jpg

Reina is truly inspirational. Her work as a Women's Rights Lawyer floors me! She's also a woman like you and me. She's been through what we are going through and knows what it feels like. What sets her apart is she has a program that worked worked for clients including me, and will work for you! It will take you from that job that you hate but feel stuck in, or that life that just doesn't feel like it's enough, or that place of hoping that 'there must be more, right?', to identifying and achieving (yes achieving!) your goals. She is there by your side, as your inspirational leader, your insightful teacher, your cheerleader, your supporter, the one who keeps you accountable and your friend every step of the way.