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QUANTUM: Mastering Manifestation for Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Coaches

You didn't come here to play small. You have a big vision, big dreams and goals that you want to achieve. In this coaching program you will learn what it means to create and lead from an impact-driven space and manifest the life and business you envision. How to step into greater leadership by having a clear direction and action plan to manifest your vision and goals to life. You will transform your wealth blueprint and develop transformational mindset shifts that are going to support you in reaching new heights so that you can live a life that is fulfilling and financially, emotionally and spiritually free!

New intake starts in January 2023. To save your spot, join the waitlist.

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PURPOSE: Deep Level Leadership & Integration

What does it mean for you to step into into your next level of leadership in your business? What are you giving permission to as you step into the next level in your leadership? You know you are born for more, to be more. Purpose has been designed to anchor you to lead from an aligned space, to step into deeper leadership in your business, to create from a spiritually aligned purpose and give yourself permission to step into your greatness. You'll bring in your feminine and masculine energy into business, deep dive into healing work and create the life you've always envisioned.

New intake starts in January 2023. To save your spot, join the waitlist.

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VECTOR : Wealth Calibration

Take your wealth to the next level. In this course you will develop transformational mindset and energy shifts to support you in your journey with manifesting wealth and prosperity. You will work through your roadblocks to wealth goals in your career/business. This course will support you in calibrating to higher levels of  financial abundance. You will dive deeper than simply doing mindset work and learn how to use your nervous system to feel deeply safe and secure with money. You will step into greater purpose and service towards your clients and attract your soul clients with ease. 


Coming Soon...​​

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Working with Reina as a coach has taken me from a dark place, where I didn't know who I was and left lost and very unhappy - to quite literally freedom! I now have a successful business which I'm excited to get up for everyday. I'm helping women to feel free and get the jobs they truly deserve, just like I have and it gives me such pride and gratitude to do this work. It is truly an honour.And a vast amount of that is down to working with Reina and completing her programme.

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