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Reina Pathan


Reina is a human rights lawyer, advocate, writer, facilitator and motivational speaker.


Reina has a plethora of experience working with women, including those from refugee, asylum-seeking and minority backgrounds both on a domestic and international level. Reina has a specialism in international women's rights issues and works closely with various domestic and international NGOs/non-profit organisations.


She was the lead researcher for a public report on “Muslim Women’s Experiences of the Criminal Justice System”.


She works closely with young girls and women to recognise and awaken their individuality, inner essence, and to mentor them in living a life that is liberated and empowered from the inside out.


She facilitates workshops for young women and coaches them on how to navigate past cultural and social limitations that are imposed on them.

​Reina has dedicated her career in the public and private sector, to advocating for the rights and recognition of girls and women from minority communities.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and change their world.

Our Mission

To create a platform for young South Asian girls and women where they can engage in conversation about the challenges and limitations they encounter and to support them in navigating through these challenges by empowering their individuality.

Our Mission

Our Vision

A community of young South Asian girls and women who are independent thinking, choice oriented and empowered visionaries.

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