Relationship Blueprint Reading

This is a one-to-one intuitive session that will support you in gaining clarity on your relationship blueprint. This is the blueprint that unconsciously influences the relationships we continue to attract in our life.


This is for you if you:

  • Are seeking clarity on why you keep experiencing the same patterns in your relationships; intimate and non-intimate

  • Are consciously manifesting and attracting a committed and deeply fulfilling relationship.

  • Want to discover your blocks in love and intimacy


The relationship blueprint reading will support you in gaining clarity on how you can:

  • Experience deep emotional and intimate security in your relationships

  • Attract a committed and secure relationship

  • Attract a relationship that feels fulfilling and whole

  • Heal your current attachment style to become securely attached

  • Attract a relationship where you know your partner is here to stay

  • Feel a deep sense of belonging with your partner

  • Heal and grow your current relationship to what you and your partner desire

  • Experience open communication and consistency in your partner

  • Emotionally yourself up to let someone in, trust and receive love