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It's that time of year and we're bringing you the support you need to make this your magnetic year of healing, love, manifestation, abundance, wealth, growth, spiritual elevation and more!

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Access to a vault of material; healing, manifestation, relationships, wealth & abundance and more throughout the year!

Monthly group coaching calls with Reina!

Access to exclusive Facebook Community support with other amazing women on the same journey as you!

Weekly Q&A with Reina! 

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Reina is truly inspirational. Her work as a Women's Rights Lawyer floors me! She's also a woman like you and me. She's been through what we are going through and knows what it feels like. What sets her apart is she has a program that worked worked for clients including me, and will work for you! It will take you from that job that you hate but feel stuck in, or that life that just doesn't feel like it's enough, or that place of hoping that 'there must be more, right?', to identifying and achieving (yes achieving!) your goals. She is there by your side, as your inspirational leader, your insightful teacher, your cheerleader, your supporter, the one who keeps you accountable and your friend every step of the way.

I joined the programme because I felt this was the time to awaken and alchemize after year of reacting to life from childhood trauma and feeling misaligned with my soul.

My main reasons for joining were to learn o reparent myself, show up in my divine authentic power and build a self-love relationship with my soul. I chose to take this journey with Reina as I felt she was the soul guide who would teach me to create results while staying accountable to my goals.

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Working with Reina as a coach has taken me from a dark place, where I didn't know who I was and left lost and very unhappy - to quite literally freedom! I now have a successful business which I'm excited to get up for everyday. I'm helping women to feel free and get the jobs they truly deserve, just like I have and it gives me such pride and gratitude to do this work. It is truly an honour.And a vast amount of that is down to working with Reina and completing her programme.

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Since working with Reina in only 5 weeks I have seen immense progress in my emotional well-being. I can connect with my inner child, I'm building a positive relationship with myself, trust myself, created balance in my lifestyle, believe in myself and my abilities, stopped questioning and doubting myself, stopped trying to please others and started loving and appreciating myself. 

Hey Reina, your influence has been nothing but positive and grand and I truly appreciate you speaking life into my wife. She deserves the world and it is such a blessing to have you breathing into her spirit.

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When I started the program I didn’t understand anything about why I was feeling the way I was. I would get irritated easily, always needed validation from others.  I have since learned the reason for my actions and reactions. I can now look at everything I do from a different perspective and heal it. This program has given me the ability to heal

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